I'm about a week away from holding in my sweaty hands the first proof of my new book, The Legend of Frog. The cover, by none other than writer/illustrator/Emperor of Art (and character designer on Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists) Jonny Duddle, may be the best thing I've ever seen with my lucky, failing eyes. When you see it you may combust, or die from joy. I know I did. More and more to come soon, but here's a teaser to wet your whistle. Pants! 

Click here to chew on a synopsis of the book, released in February 2014.



With another book done to pieces, the Overlords have let me back into the so-called sunshine to wave giddily at folk. I'll be out and about at schools, libraries and festivals over the autumn. It'll be a whole lot of Stitch Head and, maybe just maybe, a little of my new book, The Legend of Frog.

Here are but a few dates for your diary:

The Telegraph Children's Bath Literature Festival

Newport Big Read

The Times Cheltenham Literary Festival

Southend Children's Book Festival

See you there! Unless you can't make it, in which case let's, like, defo catch up for coffee soon.