It's that time again...

The Summer Reading Challenge 2013 is upon us. That special time of year when you get free stuff just for reading books. It's bonkers! And on top of all the Creepy House goodies, participating libraries will also be giving out MYSTERY MUNGLERS TRUMPS cards, created and illustrated by the man who wears my pants - me!

Sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library and ask about MYSTERY MUNGLERS TRUMPS. It's more fun that eating toast on a boat.



Who's free on Saturday? I'm going to be in Brighton to help their libraries launch the 2013 Summer Read. It's going to be creepy houses galore. Galore, I say! Come along and head to Jubilee Square for a free day of stuff for all the family. Except smelly Uncle George. He has to stay at home, the stinker.